Dr. Aleksandar Mitrašinović


Fields of research

T 140 Energy research

T 150 Material technology

P 170 Computer science, numerical analysis, systems, control

T 200 Thermal engineering, applied thermodynamics

P 250 Condensed matter: structure, thermal and mechanical properties, crystallography, phase equilibria

T 450 Metal technology, metallurgy, metal products 


Biography and Education

Born in 1970, in Belgrade


Research titles

2024- Senior Research Associate

2019-2024 Research Associate

Employed at the ITS SASA since 2019.


Previous employments

2015-2019  SuperSilicon Ltd, Founding director and Chief Technology Officer

2010-2015  University of Toronto, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Materials Scientist

2010-2013  University of Waterloo, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, Waste-to-Energy Program Coordinator

2005-2010 University of Toronto, Applied Science & Engineering, PhD Candidate

University of Windsor, FORD/Nemak Industrial Research Chair, Automotive, Mechanical & 2001-2004  Materials Engineering, Research Fellow

Research areas

Dr. Mitrašinović's research activities include materials and processes for the conversion of energy from renewable sources, development of self-sustainable environment-friendly systems, purification and recycling of precious metals from by-products of metal extraction processes, and characterization of metallic structures.

Keywords: photovoltaics, renewable resources, clean energy, sustainable transition, refining and reclamation

Professional Development

  • NSERC – Industrial R&D Fellowship approved, 80,000CAD /2 years (2013-2015)
  • AgEnergy Cooperative Fellowship, 18,000 CAD (2012)
  • MITACS Accelerate Fellowship for Emerging Energies Res., 33,000 CAD (2010)
  • Doctoral Thesis Completion Grant University of Toronto, 7,000 CAD (2009)
  • Lloyd & Frankie Pidgeon Fellowship, 15,000 CAD (2007)
  • Open Fellowship Research Award University of Toronto, 2,000 CAD (2007)
  • Hagetec Foundry Scholarship, 5,000 US/ year (2004-2007)
  • Haultain Scholarship, 10,000 CAD (2005)
  • MSE Department UofT Scholarship, 4,000 CAD (2005)
  • University of Windsor Graduate Tuition Scholarships, 6,500 CAD (2004)
  • American Foundry Society Ontario Chapter Award, 1,100 US (2002)
  • Ontario Centre of Excellence Award 1,000 CAD (2002)


Support to Research Career Development

  • Karl Visnovec, Master's degree, University of Toronto Completed in 2011. Refining Si utilizing Cu gathering method. R&D engineer in Vale, Mississauga.
  • Horazio Carletti, Master's degree, University of Toronto, Completed in 2008. Analysis of mold/metal gap formation during aluminum melt solidification. P.Eng, in Edmonton, AL.
  • Chen Feng, Master's degree, University of Toronto, 2012-2014
  • Bosko Yu, Bachelor research project, University of Toronto, Completed in 2009. Assessing the Feasibility of the Metallurgical Route for Refining Silicon, PhD Student at Cambridge UK.
  • Chirag Variawa, Bachelor project, University of Toronto, Completed in 2009. Assessing the Feasibility of the Metallurgical Route for Refining Silicon, PhD, student at University of Toronto, ON.
  • Karl Visnovec, Bachelor project, University of Toronto, Completed in 2009. Assessing the Feasibility of the Metallurgical Route for Refining Silicon, R&D engineer in Vale, Mississauga, ON.
High Qualified Personnel (Hqp) advised
  • Horazio Carletti, Arise Co., 2008-2010
  • Ryan D’Souza, Arise Co., 2008-2010


National and international projects

  • Characterization of metal nanoparticle formation from thermal torch plasma processing, Southern Ontario Development Program (SODP), 100,000 CAD (2012-2013)
  • Development of heat exchanger for ultrasonic plasmas, Ontario Center of Excellence (OCE), 50,000CAD (2012)
  • Development of advanced LED devices, Ontario Center of Excellence (OCE), 50,000 CAD (2012)
  • Development of thermal plasma sustained energy conversion process from biomass, AgEnergy Cooperative, 100,000 CAD (2011-2012)
  • Recovery of valuable metals from electronic waste, Mathematics of Information, Technology and Complex Systems (MITACS), 100,000 CAD (2010-2011)


Scholarly publishing activities

Peer-reviewer for the journals Philosophical Magazine, Ceramics International, Separation and Purification Technology, Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, Materials Science and Engineering B, Composite Science & Technology, Separation Science and Technology, Silicon, Journal of Serbian Chemical Society, Materials Chemistry and Physics, Monatshefte fur Chemie, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, Carbon


Selected Publications


Other contributions and achievements

  • Session chair for Materials for Clean Energy Production session, International Conference on Engineering and Applied Science, Beijing, China, ICEAS (2012)
  • Invited book author LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2012)
  • Nominated for ENI Award in 2011 and 2012 (200,000 €) (2011&2012)
  • Ranked 44th recent graduate globally in natural science and engineering by NSERC-CIHRS-SHRC-Banting committee one year after graduation (2012)
  • Featured in ‘They should be your role model’ among 20 most promising scientists in the field of natural science (2010)