Dr. Tomislav Trišović


Field of research

P 401 Electrochemistry

T 350 Chemical technology and engineering


Biography and education

Born in 1962, in Kraljevo, Serbia

  • PhD thesis: 2004, University of Belgrade - Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy
    Title: Kinetics of electrochemical glucose reactions
  • MSc thesis (non-Bologna compliant): 1993, University of Belgrade, Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies
    Title: Galvanic deposition of multilayer galvanic composites
  • BSc thesis: 1988, University of Belgrade - Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Course: Direction: Inorganic Chemical Technology - Group Electrochemistry


Research and academic titles

2021- Full Professor

2015- Principal Research Fellow

2011-2021 Associate Professor

2009-2015 Senior Research Associate

2006-2011 Assistant Professor

2004-2009 Research Associate

1989-2004 Research Assistant

He has been employed at the Institute since 1989


Research areas

The research of Dr. Tomislav Trišović is focuses on electrical organic synthesis, electrochemical deposition of metals and alloys and their characterization. He is also involved in the application and commercialization of patents and technicnological solutions takes in the field of water treatment platforms (in situ synthesis of active chlorine, ozone, colloids of copper and silver, dosing devices, high-frequency generators) and production of water quality measurement devices, controllers and transmitters, programming point screen and PLC controllers, automation and artificial intelligence. He also designs equipment for dryers and the surface protection of metals.

Keywords: electrochemistry, chemical technology, electrochemical treatment of water, electro-organic synthesis, electrochemistry


Support to research career development

Visiting lecturer

As part of the Action Plan: New Silk Road, 2019, he gave the invited lecture WasteWater Treatment in China

Invited lecture Water as the source of life - Extraction and purification of ground water, conference Using Knowledge to Enhance The Agro-Food Sector, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, February 28, 2014, Belgrade

Mentoring work

Four BSc theses at the University of Kragujevac - Faculty of Agronomy, Čačak:

  • Marija Čvorović, Technology for the production and freezing of pies in the Moravica Freezing Plant, 2007
  • Jasmina Jovanović, Technology for the production and freezing of pastries in the Moravica Freezing Plant, 2008
  • Danica Popadić, Industrial producing of frozen pastries, 2013
  • Evelyn Milanov, Kinetics of obtaining Čačanska plum disstilate, 2016


National and international projects

Innovation projects funded by the Serbian ministry responsiblefor science
  • Device for washing and disinfection with combined generators for the production of silver, ozone and active chlorine, No. 451-03-02439/2017-16, 451-03-2860/2017-16
  • Automatic device for the control of recreational and decorative water systems and watering and splitter systems, No. 451-03-2802/2013-16/70
  • Device for the production of aluminum dioxide elastic molecular membranes, IP 1818 (1999)
  • Electrochemical generators for disinfection (active chlorine, ion silver and copper) with a batch recirculation reactor, No. PTP-2108B, 2005-2006
  • Electrochemical plant for the production of disinfectants with a modular reactor and reverse electrodes, No. S, IP8025, 2006-2007
  • Automatic device for physical and chemical treatment of water with combined modular generators, No. 45-01-000-65/2008-01/88, 2008
  • Automatic water treatment device in hydromassage bathtubs and pools with multistage reverse power modes and pH regulation, No. 451-03-2372 Type 1/148, 2012
Bilateral international projects
  • Automatic device for the in situ water treatment with photoelectrochemical and electrochemical disinfectant generators, No. 451-03-1251/2012-09/20, project between the Institute of Technical Sciences of SASA and the University of Maribir, Faculty of Chemmistry and Chemical Technology, Slovenia


Membership and service

Conference bodies

Member of the Program Committee:

24th Symposium on Biotechnology with international participation, University of Kragujevac - Faculty of Agronomy, Čačak (2019)

25th Symposium on Biotechnology with international participation, University of Kragujevac - Faculty of Agronomy, Čačak (2020)

26th Symposium on Biotechnology with international participation, University of Kragujevac - Faculty of Agronomy, Čačak (2021)

Learned societies

Serbian Chemical Society


Selected publications

  • Trisovic, T.; Rafailovic, L.; Li, W.; School of Mathematics and Statistics, Xidian University, Xi’an, China; Grgur, B.; Trisovic, Z. Sistem za prečišćavanje pijaće vode sa povećanom tvrdoćom i koncentracijom amonijaka, gvožđa, mangana. In Zbornik radova; University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Agronomy, 2021; pp 377–385. https://doi.org/10.46793/SBT26.377T.
  • Grgur, B. N.; Trišović, T. Lj.; Rafailović, L. Corrosion of Stainless Steel 316Ti Tank for the Transport 12–15% of Hypochlorite Solution. Engineering Failure Analysis 2020, 116, 104768. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.engfailanal.2020.104768.
  • Spasojević, M.; Marković, D.; Trišović, T.; Spasojević, M. Mathematical Model of the Catalytic Effect of Chromium(VI) on Hypochlorite Disproportionation in Chlorate Electrolysis. J. Electrochem. Soc. 2018, 165 (2), E8–E19. https://doi.org/10.1149/2.0291802jes.
  • Jokić, B. M.; Džunuzović, E. S.; Grgur, B. N.; Jugović, B. Z.; Trišovic, T. Lj.; Stevanović, J. S.; Gvozdenović, M. M. The Influence of M-Aminobenzoic Acid on Electrochemical Synthesis and Behavior of Poly(Aniline-Co-(m-Aminobenzoic Acid). J Polym Res 2017, 24 (9), 146. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10965-017-1313-5.
  • Rafailović, L. D.; Gammer, C.; Srajer, J.; Trišović, T.; Rahel, J.; Karnthaler, H. P. Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering of Dendritic Ag Nanostructures Grown with Anodic Aluminium Oxide. RSC Adv. 2016, 6 (40), 33348–33352. https://doi.org/10.1039/C5RA26632G.
  • Omymen, W. M.; Ebshish, A. S.; Jugović, B. Z.; Trišović, T. Lj.; Gvozdenović, M. M.; Grgur, B. N. Photoelectochemical Behavior of TiO2-NT’s Modified with SILAR Deposited Iron Oxide. Electrochimica Acta 2016, 203, 136–143. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.electacta.2016.04.038.
  • Rafailović, L. D.; Gammer, C.; Rentenberger, C.; Trišović, T.; Kleber, C.; Karnthaler, H. P. Functionalizing Aluminum Oxide by Ag Dendrite Deposition at the Anode during Simultaneous Electrochemical Oxidation of Al. Adv. Mater. 2015, 27 (41), 6438–6443. https://doi.org/10.1002/adma.201502451.
  • Grgur, B. N.; Elkais, A. R.; Gvozdenović, M. M.; Drmanić, S. Ž.; Trišović, T. Lj.; Jugović, B. Z. Corrosion of Mild Steel with Composite Polyaniline Coatings Using Different Formulations. Progress in Organic Coatings 2015, 79, 17–24. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.porgcoat.2014.10.013.
  • Rafailović, L. D.; Gammer, C.; Rentenberger, C.; Trišović, T.; Kleber, C.; Peter Karnthaler, H. Enhanced Oxygen Evolution and Reduction Reactions of Porous Ternary NiCoFe Foam Electrodes Prepared by Dynamic Hydrogen Template Deposition. Nano Energy 2013, 2 (4), 523–529. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.nanoen.2012.12.004.
  • Grgur, B. N.; Žeradjanin, A.; Gvozdenović, M. M.; Maksimović, M. D.; Trišović, T. Lj.; Jugović, B. Z. Electrochemical Characteristics of Rechargeable Polyaniline/Lead Dioxide Cell. Journal of Power Sources 2012, 217, 193–198. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jpowsour.2012.06.025.
  • Gvozdenović, M. M.; Jugović, B. Z.; Stevanović, J. S.; Grgur, B.; Trišović, T. Lj.; Jugović, Z. S. Electrochemical Synthesis and Corrosion Behavior of Polyaniline-Benzoate Coating on Copper. Synthetic Metals 2011, 161 (13–14), 1313–1318. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.synthmet.2011.04.029.