Milica Ševkušić


Fields of research

P 100 Documentation, information, library science, archivisticsa

P 105 Bibliography


Biography and education

Born in Belgrade, in 1972.

  • BSc degree (master’s equivalent): 1998, University of Belgrade - Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Art History


Employment and Titles

2014  senior librarian

She has been working at the institute since 1 April 2007.


Areas of work

Milica Ševkušić's activities are focused on the development of research support library services and infrastructure, as well as on training (research communication systems,  sources of scientific information, open access, open science, European Open Science Cloud, intellectual property rights and licensing, research integrity).

Keywords: libraries, scientific information, information literacy, open science, EOSC, research integrity


National and international projects


Scholarly publishing activities

EIFL Open Access Country Coordinator in Serbia (support to local open access journals)


Membership and service

Conference bodies
Committees, councils, etc.
  • 2020- Member of the Team for Open Science in Serbia, established by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development
  • 2017-2018 Member of the Working Group for the Implementation of the Open Science Policy in Serbia, established by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development
  • 2017- Member of the Academic Board at Wikimedia Serbia


Selected publications

  • Ševkušić, M.; Toli, E.; Lenaki, K.; Kanavou, K.; Sifakaki, E.; Kosanović, B.; Papastamatiou, I.; Papadopoulou, E. Building National Open Science Cloud Initiatives (NOSCIs) in Southeast Europe: Supporting Research and Scholarly Communication. Publications 2022, 10 (4), 42.
  • Ševkušić, M.; Kosanović, B.; Šipka, P. Serbian Citation Index: The Sustainability of a Business Model Based on Partnership between a Non-Profit Web Publisher and Journal Owners. In 24th International Conference on Electronic  Publishing; OpenEdition Press, 2020.
  • Ševkušić, M. Literature Search. In 14th Belgrade International Symposium on Pain, May 17-18, 2019 Belgrade, Serbia : Proceedings; Belgrade : Serbian Pain Society, 2019; pp 24–30.
  • Ševkušić, M.; Janković, Z.; Kužet, A. Open Access Journals in Serbia: Policies and Practices; Belgrade : National Library of Serbia, 2017.
  • Ševkušić, M. Defining the Editorial Policies of Open Access Journals in Serbia and the Role of Librarians in This Process. Čitalište 2017, 16 (30), 13–26.
  • Milenković Vuković, B.; Ševkušić, M. Biblioteke naučnoistraživačkih instituta i ustanova: zakonodavni okvir i praksa. Čitalište 2016, 29, 18–29.
  • Popović, A.; Ševkušić, M.; Stakić, Đ. Biblioteke i Vikipedija zajedno na vebu: slobodno znanje za sve. In Digitalna humanistika : tematski zbornik u dve knjige, knj. 1; Beograd : Filološki fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu, 2015; pp 151–161.
  • Ševkušić, M. Partnerski Program Gugl knjige kao platforma otvorenog pristupa u naučnim bibliotekama. U Otvoren pristup znanju u bibliotekama; Beograd : Bibliotekarsko društvo Srbije, 2013; pp 187–207.
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  • Ševkušić, M.; Uskoković, D. Analiza aktivnosti u oblasti nanonauka i nanotehnologija u Srbiji na osnovu bibliometrijskih pokazatelja. Tehnika - Novi materijali 2009, 64 (5), 1–15.