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Dr. Smilja B. Marković
Smilja Markovic


phone. +381 11 2651-067


Smilja Marković was born on August 22, 1968 in Belgrade, Serbia. She acquired BSc and MSc degrees at Faculty of Physical Chemistry of Belgrade University (MSc thesis “Synthesis and characterization of carnegieite polytypes” 2003). Smilja Marković was elected a Research Assistant in 2003. In June 2008, she defended PhD thesis entitled “Synthesis and characterization of BaTi1-xSnxO3 powders and multilayered ceramic materials” at the Faculty of Physical Chemistry in Belgrade. She was elected a Research Associate in December 2008, a Senior Research Associate in 2012 and a Principal Research Fellow in December 2017..

Smilja Marković is a reviewer for the Physics and Chemistry of Minerals and Solid State Science.

She has been working at the Institute since 2001.

Fields of research: barium titanate, functionally gradient materials, IR spectroscopy, impedance spectroscopy.

The most important publications

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