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August 20, 2010


37th International conference of the Slovak Society of Chemical Engineering
Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia, May 24-28, 2010


The conference was organized by the Slovak Society of Chemical Engineering with the assistance of the Institute of Chemical and Environmental Engineering. Its was to present recent research results and technological and engineering achievments in the area of chemical and biochemical engineering, mechanical engineering in chemistry, control in chemical and food industry with the focus on rational use of energy sources, ecology, and risk management.

Participants’ contributions were presented as plenary lectures, lectures in sections, and posters. Proceedings with full texts of contributions were published on CD-ROM and distributed to participants at the registration.

Dr. Branimir Jugović of the Institute of Technical Sciences of SASA presented two posters: Improved electrolyte for zinc-polyaniline batteries, authored by B.Z. Jugović, T. Lj. Trišović, J. Stevanović, M. Gvozdenović, B.N. Grgur; and Characteristics of polyaniline lead-dioxide power sources, authored by M. M. Gvozdenović, T. Lj.Trišović , J. S. Stevanović, B. Z. Jugović, B. N. Grgur.

The contributions by Dr. Branimir Jugović attracted significant attention. Owing to the compliance with the “Triple E” criteria, the electrochemical sources of energy presented in these two posters arouse increasing interest.



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