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July 16, 2014


Advanced Ceramics and Applications III:
New Frontiers in Multifunctional Material Science and Processing
Serbia, Belgrade, 29th September-1st October, 2014


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Confirmed speakers (PDF)
Conference programme (PDF)

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Advanced Ceramics play an important role in the European Unions prioritized materials to enable the transition towards to a knowledge-based low carbon, cost competitive and efficient societies. This ACA III Conference will gather the researchers, engineers, academy staff and PhD students trying to emphasize the key advanced materials research, processing and innovation activities.

Serbian Ceramic Society has been initiated in 1995/1996 and fully registered in 1997 as Yugoslav Ceramic Society, being strongly supported by American Ceramic Society. Since 2009. continued as Serbian Ceramic Society in accordance to the Serbian law procedure. Serbian Ceramic Society is almost the only one Ceramic Society in the South-East Europe, with members from more than 20 Institutes and Universities, active in 16 sessions, by program and the frames which are defined by the American Ceramic Society activities.

General Conference Topics Include:

  • Basic Ceramics Science
  • Nanostructural, Bio- and Opto-ceramic Materials and Nanotechnologies
  • Multifunctional Materials
  • Magnetic and Amorphous Materials
  • Construction Materials and Eco-ceramics
  • Composite Materials, Catalysis and Electrocatalysis
  • Artistic Ceramics and Design, Archaeological Heritage
  • Young Researchers
  • Sintering processes
    • kinetics
    • microstructure
    • thermodinamics
    • modeling

Conference co-chairmen:

Prof. Dr. Vojislav Mitić SRB
Prof. Dr. Olivera Milošević SRB
Prof. Dr. Marcel Van de Voorde EU
Prof. Dr. Rainer Gadow GER

Scientific Committee

Academician Momčilo M. Ristić
Prof. Dr. Vojislav Mitić
Prof. Dr. Marcel Van de Voorde
Prof. Dr. Gary Messing
Prof. Dr. David Johnson
Prof. Dr. Slavcho Rakovsky
Prof. Dr. Jurgen G. Heinrich
Prof. Dr. Masohiro Yoshimura
Dr. Mrityunjay "Jay" Singh
Prof. Dr. Rainer Gadow
Dr. Tatsuki Ohji
Dr. Hua-Tay Lin
Prof. Dr. Paolo Colombo
Prof. Dr. Lennart Bergstrom
Prof. Anne Leriche
Prof. Dr. Pavol Šajgalik
Dr. Richard Todd
Dr. Francis Cambier
Dr. Moritz von Witzleben
Dr. Hasan Mandal
Prof. Dr. Hans Fecht
Prof. Dr. Eugene Olevsky
Dr. Eugene Medvedovski
Prof. Dr. Mikolaj Szafran
Dr. Karsten Agersted Nielsen
Dr. Robert Dawzer
Dr. Carmen Baudin
Dr. Dušan Jovanović
Prof. Dr. Vladimir Pavlović
Dr. Nina Obradović
Dr. Lidija Mančić
Prof. Dr. Steven Tidrow
Prof. Dr. Carol Handwerker
Prof. Dr. John Blendal
Dr. Wilhelm Siemen
Prof. Dr. Adrian Volceanov
Dr. Lukasz Kilanski
Dr. Dragan Damjanović
Dr. Jonjaua Ranogajec
Dr. Snežana Pašalić
Prof. Dr. Zoran Nikolić
Dr. Zagorka Radojević
Dr. Nadežda Talijan
Prof. Dr. Ljubica Pavlović
Prof. Dr. Branka Jordović
Prof. Dr. Aleksa Maričić
Prof. Dr. Nebojša Mitrović
Prof. Dr. Ljubiša Kocić
Dr. Zorica Marinković Stanojević
Prof. Zvonko Petković
Dr. Aleksandra Milutinović-Nikolić
Dr. Predrag Banković
Dr. Zorica Mojović
Dr. Vukoman Jokanović
Dr. Dušan Milivojević
Dr. Slaviša Perić
Prof. Dr. Radomir Popović
Dr. Dušan Bataković
Dr. Tanja Cvjetićanin

Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Vojislav Mitić
Prof. Dr. Olivera Milošević
Dr. Nina Obradović
Dr. Lidija Mančić
Prof. Dr. Vladimir Pavlović
Dr. Dušan Jovanović
Dr. Snežana Pašalić
Dr. Zorica Lazarević
Prof. Dr. Ljubica Pavlović
Prof. Zvonko Petković
Dr. Predrag Banković
Dr. Anja Terzić
Dr. Vesna Paunović
Dr. Nataša Jović-Jovičić
Dr. Vera Pavlović
Dr. Darko Kosanović
Dr. Biljana Djordjević
Zoran Gajić
Ivan Dugandžić
Božana Čolović
Suzana Filipović
Adriana Peleš

Venue: Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Great Hall (second floor) and Hall 2 (first floor), Kneza Mihaila 35, Belgrade, Serbia.

Conference fee: Standard fee: 6000 RSD; Members of SCS, Invited lecturers, Key-note speakers and PhD Students: 50% reduced fee; plenary lectures and last year winners for oral and poster presentations: free of charge;

Invoice and bank details for Conference fee payment: Banka Intesa ad Beograd, Count No. 160-380150-55, notification: Conference fee – participant name.

Abstracts and papers publication: Abstract should be submitted via e-mail as attached documents. It should be sent to: nina.obradovic@itn.sanu.ac.rs no later than June 15th 2014, with the subject: 3SCSC-first name and surname of the first author. Abstracts should be prepared using the following instructions: paper size: A4; length: up to 200 words; language: English; font: Times New Roman; title: 14 pt, bold; authors’ names: 12 pt, regular; affiliation and address: 12 pt, regular; body text: 12 pt; margins: top, bottom, inside, outside: 2 cm. Abstracts should contain the aim, methods and the conclusion of a research and should be without images and references. The authors should provide contact details (e-mail and phone), as well as their title (BSc, MSc, PhD) on a separate sheet. The official language of the conference is English. Conference abstracts will be published in the Book of Abstracts Conference. Papers presented at the conference can be submitted for publishing in Science of Sintering.

Type of presentation: Visuals for oral presentations should be in Microsoft PowerPoint, versions up to 2007 (.ppt or .pptx, or Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 (.pdf)). Any animation or video files must be compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Media Player. Please bring your presentation to the reception desk at the beginning of the Conference on flash memory. Posters should be prepared in dimension: 70x100 cm. The official language of the conference is English.

Additional Conference information
Phone: +381-11-2027247 or 2185-437 or 2637-239, E-mail: nina.obradovic@itn.sanu.ac.rs

Belgrade has an International airport „Nikola Tesla“ approx 20km far from the Belgrade downtown and Conference venue. There are various possible routes to reach the Conference venue from the airport: taxi, shuttle bus.

Please visit Belgrade Touristic Organization (https://www.tob.rs/en/index.php) for more information.

Download the First Announcement (PDF)
Confirmed speakers (PDF)


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