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June 12, 2008



INCOMAT Team Leader Meeting
May 27, 2008, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

6th Framework Programme

The regular meeting of the FP6 Project Creating international cooperation teams of excellence in the field of emerging biomaterial surface research (FP6-NMP3-CT-2007-032918) was held in Amsterdam, on the premises of Kamer van Koophandel / Chamber of Commerce (5 De Ruyterkade Street) on May 27, 2008. The Institute of Technical Sciences SASA (ITS SASA) submitted its report on achieved results and planned activities within Team 1, led by the University of Cambridge. The meeting was attended by the following team leaders:

  1. Klaus Liefeith (KL), P2-iba
  2. Gerhard Hildebrand (GH), P2-iba
  3. Elke Römhild (ER), P1-STIFT
  4. Vesna Babić-Ivancić, P3-RBI
  5. Serena Best, P14-UCam
  6. Joanne Kwon, P14-UCam
  7. Vladimir Popov, P12 –ILIT Moscow
  8. Nenad Ignjatović, ITS Belgrade
  9. Willibrord Driessen, Qserve Amsterdam

In her introductory address, Project Manager Mrs Elke Römhild informed the meeting participants about the current state of implementation of the INCOMAT project. Dr. Gerhard Hildebrand and Dr. Klaus Liefeith submitted the report on results achieved by all implementing partners, laying particular stress on the achievements of the Serbian team, led by Prof. Dr. Dragan Uskoković, which proved to be the most successful in the most part of activities undertaken within the scope of the project. Mrs Römhild pointed out the efficiency of the ITS SASA team, as well as the fact that it initiated the greatest number of visits to the INCOMAT website. According to Mrs Römhild, ITS SASA also provided a very good regional analysis. In his speech, Dr Vladimir Popov presented his vision of further development of the INCOMAT project.

INCOMAT meeting, Amsterdam, May 2008
The team of the Institute of Technical Sciences SASA was represented by Dr. Nenad Ignjatović, who presented results achieved in 2008: a considerable number of highly-ranked publications, two MSc theses to be completed soon, and a research network encompassing a wide range of scientific topics – from the synthesis and characterization, to the application of biomaterials. Particular interest among participants of the meeting was aroused by the information that the Young Researchers Conference on materials science and engineering is held annually in Belgrade.

Dr. Nenad Ignjatović dedicated the closing section of his presentation to the YUCOMAT 2008 Conference, organized by the Materials Research Society – Serbia. The next INCOMAT Team Leader Meeting will be held within the scope of the YUCOMAT 2008 Conference.



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