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Dr. Nebojša J. Labus, BS Phys.Chem.
Mr Nebojsa Labus



email: nebojsa.labus@itn.sanu.ac.rs

Phone: +381 11 2027203



Nebojša Labus was born on January 21, 1967 in Novi Sad. He draguated from the Faculty of Physical Chemistry in Belgtade in 1999. In 2005, he received his M.Sc. degree from the Technical Faculty in Čačak (the title of M.Sc. thesis: The Influence of Mechanical Activation on the Synthesis of Zinc Metatitanate). In 2011, he defended the doctoral thesis titled "Sintering and Properties of Sintered ZnTiO3" at the Faculty of Physical Chemistry of the University of Belgrade. In 2018, he was elected Senior Research Associate.

Fields of interest: mechanical activation, sintering, dilatometry

Nebojša Labus has been working at the Institute since 2001.

The most important publications

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