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Dr. Ana Stanković, BS. Phys. Chem.
Ana Stankovic




email: ana.stankovic@itn.sanu.ac.rs; anastan@yahoo.com
tel. +381 11 2651-067



Ana Stanković (née Čeliković) was born on August 13, 1979. in Kruševac, Serbia. She graduated from the Faculty of Physical  Chemistry, University of Belgrade in 2005 with the Aplication of global optimization in macromolecular crystalography. She enrolled post graduation studies at the same Faculty in 2005. Ana Stanković defended her MSc thesis entitled Influence of Processing Parameters on the Course of Mechanochemical Synthesis and the Prevention of Agglomeration of the Obtained Nanostructured Ceramic Powders in November 2009. In 2010, she was elected Research Assistant. In 2014, she defended her PhD thesis titled The Correlation between Functional and Physico-Chemical Properties of YnO Powders Obtained by Various Methods of Synthesis. In 2015, she was elected Research Associate.

Fieleds of interest: nanoparticles, mechanochemical synthesis, sintering, advanced materials.

Ana Stanković has been working at the Institute since 2005.


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Presenations at national conferences published in books of abstracts, M64

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Award of the Materials Research Society of Serbia for the best poster presentation at the international conference YUCOMAT 2007 for the poster "Effects of organic surfactants on mechanochemicaly synthesized ZnO particles" (the information was published in: "Conference reports", MRS Bulletin, Volume 32, December 2007)


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