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October 7, 2010


MagnetoPIM: Final Project Meeting

Vienna, Austria, August 26–29, 2010


Between August 26 and August 29, 2010, the final meeting within the MagnetoPIM – Herstellung von komplexen, weich und hartmagnetischen Bauteilen mittels Pulverspritzgießen was organized in Vienna, Austria. The project was implemented within the CIR-CE II programme, funded by the Austrian government, between October 1, 2007, and September 30, 2010. Project partners included nine institutions (four from Austria and five from Serbia): Fotec Forschungs und Technologietransfer GmbH (Wiener Neustadt, Austria), HTP Electronics GmbH (Neudörfl an der Leitha, Austria), Technical University of Vienna (Technische Universität), Institute of Chemical Technology and Analytics (Institut fuer Chemische Technologien und Analytik), Woksal a.d. (Užice, Serbia), Iritel a.d. (Belgrade, Serbia), Institute of Multidisciplinary Research and the Institute of Technical Sciences of SASA (Belgrade, Serbia), and Technical Faculty in Čačak (University of Kragujevac).

The research activities carried out at the Institute of Technical Sciences of SASA within the scope of the project were primarily related to designing and construction of two types of pumps with sintered magnets and also included dilatometric measurements of the sample expansion and optimization of sintering parameters.



The working section of the meeting was held in Neufeld, a little town near Vienna; the second part of the meeting was held in Vienna. The meeting was attended by almost all of the project partners: Helmut Loibl (Fotec), Branislav Zlatkov (Fotec), Silvia Unger (Fotec), Josef Pallanits (HTP), Herbert Danninger (TU-CTA), Christian Gierl (TU-CTA), Miomir Đukić (Iritel), Lazar Lukić (Iritel), Ljiljana Delić (Woksal), Obren Rovčanin (Woksal), Obrad Aleksić (IMR), Maria Vesna Nikolić (IMR), Vladimir Zeljković (ITS-SASA), Nebojša Mitrović (TFČ) and Nina Obradović (ITS-SASA).

The first part of the meeting was dedicated to the presentation of results. After a welcoming speech, Helmut Loibl gave a brief overview of the programme of the meeting. Branislav Zlatkov, Lazar Lukić, Obrad Aleksić and Nebojša Mitrović presented the chief achievements of the MagnetoPIM project. After that, Miomir Đukić made a demonstration of the water pump (the pump can also use alcohol and other media) the construction of which had been the main goal of the project. In conclusion, the project was assessed as being very successful, and the Austrian partners expressed their satisfaction with its implementation and outcome.

The second part of the meeting, held in Vienna, included a sightseeing tour of the city (the Schönbrunn Palace and the Danube Tower) and a visit to the Technical Faculty in Vienna. These activities were accompanied with a discussion about the final stage of the project (report drafting and submission) and opportunities for further cooperation.



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