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October 26, 2009


YUCOMAT 2009 – from Advanced Materials and Nanotechnologies to Their Application


The Eleventh Annual YUCOMAT Conference was traditionally held in Herceg Novi, Montenegro, August 31 – September 4, 2009. It was organized by the Materials Research Society of Serbia (MRS-Serbia) and the Institute of Technical Sciences of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ITS SASA), under the auspices of the Federation of European Materials Societies (FEMS) and Materials Research Society (MRS).

At the Opening Ceremony, Dragan Uskokovic, President of MRS-Serbia and Director of ITS SASA, gave welcoming speech to the attendees. Emphasising the importance of mentoring young researchers, he said, “For, although the scientific excellence of our research methodologies is of crucial importance, it is the passion for science that all us, experienced mentors and teachers, have the duty to convey to those that follow our steps. It is the love for our science as much as the content of our knowledge that makes us successful in scientific endeavours”. On behalf of the MRS-Serbia Presidency, Slobodan Milonjic, Vice-President of MRS-Serbia, dedicated this Conference to Dragan Uskokovic in honour of his 65th birthday. Attendees were also greeted by the Officer of FEMS, Prof. Jan Kusinski, Past President of MRS, Prof. Robert Hull, and President Elect of the European Ceramic Society (ECerS), Prof. Danilo Suvorov. They all emphasized a significant impact and role which these YUCOMAT conferences had in bringing together scientists from this region and their colleagues from all over the world. Through eleven conferences held until now, it was a long way from pure national conference until completely international nowadays, with authors of the papers from 37 countries from all continents.

Two hundred twenty participants from around the world gathered to hear 18 lectures given by invited speakers in three plenary sessions, 59 papers presented in six oral and 136 papers presented in three posters sessions, within five one-day symposia dedicated to advanced methods in materials synthesis and processing, advanced materials for high-technology applications, nanostructured materials, composites and biomaterials. Conference also included the exhibition of innovative scientific equipment. The official language of the meeting was English.

During the First Plenary Session five invited lectures were given (Sidebar I). M. Yoshimura talked on soft processing of ceramics, A. Porter on carbon nanotubes in biomedical engineering, R. Hull on focused ion beams in material research, D. Pavuna on nanoengineering of high-Tc and related oxide films and D. Suvorov on tunable properties in multiphase ceramics.

During the Second Plenary Session six talks were presented: J. Mijovic on liquid crystalline physical gels, J. Kenny on polymer nanocomposites, B. Viana on time control luminescence in medical imaging, M. Kuznetsov on combustion synthesis, G. Hibbard on nanocrystalline cellular materials and E.A. Marquis on alloy structures at the nanoscale by atom-probe tomography.

During the Third Plenary Session, R. Sinclair spoke on electron microscopy of nanoparticles for cancer detection, V. Radmilovic on synthesis and characterization of graphene, N. Nakano on Complementary Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor (CMOS) technology and microelectrode array, V. Sukharev on degradation of copper interconnects, R. Andrievskiy on superhard and superplastic brittle nanomaterials and A. Ravaglioli on scaffolds for tissue engineering.

YUCOMAT 2009 Programme and the Book of Abstracts is available at Selected manuscripts are scheduled to appear in Acta Physica Polonica A, published by the Institute of Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and the International Journal of Modern Physics B, published by World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd.

To encourage prospective young scientists, an assigned evaluation Committee selected the authors of the best PhD and MSc theses submitted between the two Conferences, and the best oral and poster presentations (see Sidebar II).

The next YUCOMAT Conference will also be held in Herceg Novi, September 6-10, 2010 (



YUCOMAT 2009 Plenary Speakers

Prof. Masahiro Yoshimura
Materials and Structures Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yokohama, Japan
“Soft Processing for Ceramics: Single-Step Fabrication of Nano-Structured Oxide Ceramics (Particles, Films, Integrated Layers and Patterns) from Solution without Firing”

Prof. Alexandra Porter
Imperial College, Department of Materials, London Centre for Nanotechnology, London, UK
“Functionalization changes targeting site and the stability of carbon nanotubes inside lung epithelial cells”

Prof. Robert Hull
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Engineering, Materials Research Center, Rensselar Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA

Prof. Davor Pavuna
École Polytech. Fed. de Lausanne, Dept. of Physics, PH (Ecublens), Lausanne, Switzerland
“On Physics and Nanoengineering of High-Tc and Related Oxide Films”

Prof. Danilo Suvorov
Advanced Materials Department, Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
“Tunable ceramics based on the Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 system”

Second Plenary Session

Prof. Jovan Mijovic
Ney York University, Polytechnic Institute of New York University, Othmer-Jacobs Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Brooklyn, NY, USA
“Dynamics of liquid crystalline physical gels”

Prof. Jose M. Kenny
European Center of Nanostructured Polymers (ECNP) and University of Perugia - UdR INSTM, Loc. Pentima Bassa, Terni, ITALY
“Processing and properties of advanced composite materials with nacomposite polymer matrices”

Dr. Bruno Viana
LCMCP-ENSCP– UMR7574, ENSCP, Paris France
“Materials with TIME CONTROL luminescence in Medical Imaging”

Prof. Maxim Kuznetsov
Laboratory for Synthesis of Functionalized Oxide Materials, Institute of Structural Macrokinetics and Materials Science, Russian Academy of Sciences (ISMAN), Chernogolovka, Moscow region, Russia

Prof. Glenn Hibbard
Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“Failure Mechanisms in Hybrid Nanocrystalline Cellular Materials”

Dr. Emmanuelle A. Marquis
Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow, Department of Materials, University of Oxford, Oxford, U.K.

Third Plenary Session

Prof. Robert Sinclair
Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford Nanocharacterization Laboratory, Stanford, CA, USA

Dr. Velimir Radmilovic
National Center for Electron Microscopy, Materials Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley National laboratory, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA
“Synthesis and Characterization of High-Quality Graphene”

Prof. Nobuhiko Nakano,
Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Keio University, Yokohama, Japan
“Multisite stimulation and sensing by custom LSI chip by CMOS technology and Microelectrode array”

Dr. Valeriy Sukharev
Mentor Graphics Corporation, Calibre R&D, San Jose, CA, USA
“Microstructure Effect on EM-induced Degradations in Dual-Inlaid Copper Interconnects”

Ms. Miroslavna Kovylina
Departament Física Fonamental, U. Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
“Magnetoresistance in positive and negative exchange bias Ni/FeF2 bilayered antidots”

Prof. Rostislav A. Andrievskiy
Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Chernogolovka, Moscow Region, Russia

Prof. Antonio Ravaglioli
Director of research at National Council of Research-Institute for Science and Technology for Ceramic Materials ISTEC-CNR, Faenza (RA), Italy
“Glass-ceramic scaffolds for tissue Engineering”


YUCOMAT 2009 Awardees

  • For the best PhD thesis - to Nadica Abazovic (Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinca, Belgrade, Serbia), “Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials based on titan (IV) oxide”
  • For the best MSc thesis - to Zoran Stojanovic (Institute of Technical Sciences of SASA, Belgrade, Serbia), “hydrothermal synthesis of nanostructured oxide powders and their characterization”
  • For the best oral presentation - to Ralph Kraehnert (Leibniz Institute for Catalysis at the University of Rostock, Branch Berlin, Germany), “A SYNTHESIS TOOLBOX FOR WELL-DEFINED CATALYST COATINGS: NANOPARTICLES OF NOBLE METALS SUPPORTED ON MESOPOROUS OXIDE FILMS”
  • For the best oral presentation - to Marija Vukomanovic (Institute of Technical Sciences of SASA, Belgrade, Serbia), “POLY(D,L-LACTIDE-CO-GLYCOLIDE)/HYDROXYAPATITE/CLINDAMYCIN core-shell nanospheres PROCESSED IN THE FIELD OF ULTRASOUND”
  • For the best poster - to Agneszka Radziszewska (AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science, Cracow, Poland), “NANOSTRUCTURED THIN FILMS b-Al-Mg OBTAINED USING PLD TECHNIQUE”
  • For the best poster - to Rares Stiufiuc (“Babes-Bolyai” University, Faculty of Physics, Cluj-Napoca, Romania), “Atomic Force Microscopy Characterization of Gold Nanocrystals”
For the best poster - to Nikolina Pavlovic (Faculty of Technology, Novi Sad, Serbia), “SYNTHESIS OF NANOPOWDERS AND BISMUTH TITANATE-BASED CERAMIC PROCESSING”




Prof. Dr. Dragan Uskoković
President of MRS-Serbia and
Director of the Institute of Technical Sciences of SASA
Phone: +381 11 2636 994

Aleksandra Stojičić
, Conference Secretary
Institute of Technical Sciences of SASA, Belgrade
Phone: +381 11 2636 994


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