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June 29, 2011


Selected papers of the YUCOMAT 2010 Conference published in Acta Physica Polonica A


Twenty-nine papers presented at the Twelfth Annual YUCOMAT 2010 Conference were published in a special issue of Acta Physica Polonica A (Vol. 120, No. 2: YUCOMAT 2010, Selected Papers Presented at the Twelfth Annual Conference of the Materials Research Society of Serbia, YUCOMAT 2010, Herceg Novi, Montenegro, September 6-10, 2011). They include:

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Structure Prediction for PbS and ZnO at Different Pressures and Visualization of the Energy Landscapes
D. Zagorac, J.C. Schön, K. Doll and M. Jansen  page 215  abstract |  Full Text | PDF

Electronic Band Structure of Coiled Carbon Nanotubes
I. Milošević and M. Damnjanović  page 221 | abstract |  Full Text | PDF

Diffraction from WS2 and MoS2 Nanotubes 
M. Damnjanović, T. Vuković and I. Milošević | abstract | Full Text | PDF

Inter-Landau Level Scattering Processes in Magnetic Field Assisted THz Quantum Cascade Laser
J. Radovanović, A. Daničić, V. Milanović, D. Indjin and Z. Ikonic  page 227 | abstract  | Full Text | PDF

Thermodynamic Characteristics of 1D Structures
S. Jaćimovski and D. Raković  page 231  | abstract  | Full Text | PDF

Binding Energy of the Hydrogenic Impurity in CdTe/ZnTe Spherical Quantum Dot
D. Stojanović and R. Kostić  page 234 | abstract  | Full Text | PDF

The Influence of Boron Doping Concentration on MgH2 Electronic Structure
S. Kurko, B. Paskaš-Mamula, Lj. Matović, J. Grbović Novaković and N. Novaković  page 238  | abstract |    Full Text | PDF

Calculations of Molecular Structures and Processes Important for Hydrogen Behaviour in the Li-Amide/Imide System
N. Ivanović, I. Radisavljević, N. Novaković, M. Manasijević and D. Colognesi  page 242  | abstract |  Full Text | PDF

Structural Characterization and Statistical Properties of Two-Dimensional Granular Systems During the Compaction
S. Živković, Z.M. Jakšić, D. Arsenović, Lj. Budinski-Petković and S.B. Vrhovac  page 246 | abstract  | Full Text | PDF

Characterization of New Structure for Silicon Carbide X-Ray Detector by Method Monte Carlo
S.J. Stankovic, R.D. Ilic, K.S. Jankovic, A.Vasic-Milovanovic and B. Loncar  page 252  | abstract |   Full Text | PDF

Influence of the Nanostructures on the Surface and Bulk Physical Properties of Materials
N.V. Kamanina, N.A. Shurpo, S.V. Likhomanova, S.V. Serov, P.Ya. Vasilyev, V.G. Pogareva, V.I. Studenov and D.P. Uskokovic  page 256 | abstract  | Full Text | PDF

Electrode Nanostructures for Advanced Supercapacitors
A. Despotuli and A. Andreeva  page 260 | abstract  | Full Text | PDF

Network Theory of Living Cell Clusters and Rheological Applications at Nano-Level
M.B. Plavsic, I. Pajic-Lijakovic, M.M. Plavsic and B. Bugarski  page 266 | abstract  | Full Text | PDF

Mechanochemical Preparation of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials of Drugs with Inorganic Oxides
T.P. Shakhtshneider, S.A. Myz, M.A. Dyakonova, V.V. Boldyrev, E.V. Boldyreva, A.I. Nizovskii, A.V. Kalinkin and Rakesh Kumar  page 272  | abstract | Full Text | PDF

Swelling, Mechanical and Antimicrobial Studies of Ag/P(HEMA/IA)/PVP Semi-IPN Hydrogel Hybrids
J.S. Jovašević, S.I. Dimitrijević, J.M. Filipović, S.Lj. Tomić, M.M. Mićić and E.H. Suljovrujić  page 279  | abstract  | Full Text | PDF

Carbon Monolith Surface Chemistry Influence on the Silver Deposit Amount and Crystallite Size
M. Vukčević, A. Kalijadis, Z. Jovanović, Z. Laušević and M. Laušević  page 284  | abstract |   Full Text | PDF

Transport Coefficients For Electrons in Mixtures CF4/Ar/O2 and CF, CF2 or CF3 Radicals
Ž. Nikitović, V. Stojanović and M. Radmilović-Radjenović  page 289  | abstract  | Full Text | PDF

Processing of Integral-Skin Cellular Polymeric Composites in Rapid Rotational Foam Molding
R. Pop-Iliev  page 292 | abstract  | Full Text | PDF

Samarium-Doped Ceria Nanostructured Thin Films Grown on FTO Glass by Electrodepostion
Lj.S. Živković, V.Lair, O. Lupan, M. Cassir and A. Ringuedé  page 298  | abstract | Full Text | PDF

LaYO3:Sm3+ Nanocrystalline Phosphor: Preparation and Emission Properties
V. Đorđević, M.G. Nikolić, Ž. Antić, M. Mitrić and M.D. Dramićanin  page 303  | abstract |  Full Text | PDF

Low Temperature Magnetic Properties of Pr0.7(Ca,Sr)0.3CoO3 Oxides
I.G. Deac, A. Vlădescu, I. Balasz, A. Tunyagi and R. Tetean  page 306  | abstract  | Full Text | PDF

Room-Temperature Ferromagnetism in Zn-Mn-O, X-Ray Photoemission Surface Study
D. Milivojević, B. Babić-Stojić, J. Blanuša and J. Kovač  page 311  | abstract |  Full Text | PDF

Magnetic Properties of Mn-Doped Amorphous SiO2 Matrix
D. Milivojević, B. Babić-Stojić, V. Jokanović, Z. Jagličić and D. Makovec  page 316  | abstract | Full Text | PDF

Structural and Electrical Properties of Sintered Barium-Zinc-Titanate Ceramics
N. Obradović, S. Filipović, V. Pavlović, V. Paunović, M. Mitrić and M.M. Ristić  page 322  | abstract |  Full Text | PDF

Preparation of Silicon Oxycarbide Composites Toughened by Inorganic Fibers via Pyrolysis of Precursor Siloxane Composites
A. Strachota, M. Černý, P. Glogar, Z. Sucharda, M. Havelcová, Z. Chlup, I. Dlouhý and V. Kozák  page 326 | abstract |  Full Text | PDF

Cast Intermetallic Alloys by SHS Under High Gravity
V. Sanin, D. Andreev, D. Ikornikov and V. Yukhvid  page 331 | abstract  | Full Text | PDF

Changes in Microstructure of Air Plasma Sprayed M-CrAlY Coatings After Short Thermal Exposure in Argon Atmosphere
L. Čelko, V. Řičánková, L. Klakurková, T. Podrábský, E. Dvořáček and J. Švejcar  page 336  | abstract  | Full Text | PDF

Overall Model of Plasticity and Failure of Metals
L.B. Zuev  page 340 | abstract  | Full Text | PDF

Some Aspects of Processing and Properties of Composite Material with Si-C Particles
D. Nedelcu, I. Carcea, L. Tabacaru and C. Ciofu  page 344 | abstract  | Full Text | PDF




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