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May 19, 2010


Selected papers of the YUCOMAT 2009 Conference published in Acta Physica Polonica A


Thirty-three papers presented at the Eleventh Annual YUCOMAT 2009 Conference were published in a special issue of Acta Physica Polonica A (Vol. 117, No. 5: Selected Papers Presented at the Eleventh Annual Conference of the Materials Research Society of Serbia, YUCOMAT 2009, Herceg Novi, Montenegro, August 31 – September 4, 2009). They include:

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Determination of Polyolefine Based Composites Nanostructure Parameters by Very Cold Neutrons Scattering
S.P. Kuznetsov, I.L. Dubnikova, V.S. Litvin, I.V. Meshkov, A.V. Shelagin and A.I. Udovenko 
page 727  abstract   Full Text PDF

Interband Optical Properties of Concentric Type-I Nanorings in a Normal Magnetic Field
V. Arsoski, M. Tadić and F.M. Peeters 
page 733  abstract   Full Text PDF

Dielectric Permeability of Nanocylinder
S. Jaćimovski, V. Sajfert, D. Raković and B. Tošić 
page 738  abstract   Full Text PDF

Calculations of Cross Sections Data for Scattering of Electrons on HBr
M. Radmilović-Radjenović and Z.Lj. Petrović 
page 745  abstract   Full Text PDF

Modeling of Electron Kinetics in BF3
Ž. Nikitović, O. Šašić, Z. Raspopović, V. Stojanović, S. Radovanov, M. Mozetič and U. Cvelbar 
page 748  abstract   Full Text PDF

Breakdown Phenomena in Water Vapor Microdischarges
M. Radmilović-Radjenović, B. Radjenović and M. Savić 
page 752  abstract   Full Text PDF

Quantum Foundations of Resonant Recognition Model
G. Keković, D. Raković, B. Tošić, D. Davidović and I. Cosić 
page 756  abstract   Full Text PDF

Nonexistence of the Classical Trajectories in the Stern-Gerlach Experiment
M. Arsenijević and M. Dugić 
page 760  abstract   Full Text PDF

Changes in Optical Properties of Molecular Nanostructures
S.M. Vučenović, J.P. Šetrajčić, B. Markoski, D.Lj. Mirjanić, S. Pelemiš and B. Škipina 
page 764  abstract   Full Text PDF

Quasistationary Electron States for CdTe/ZnTe/CdTe Open Spherical Quantum Dots
D. Stojanović and R. Kostić 
page 768  abstract   Full Text PDF

Quantum Cascade Laser Design for Tunable Output at Characteristic Wavelengths in the Mid-Infrared Spectral Range
A. Daničić, J. Radovanović, V. Milanović, D. Indjin and Z. Ikonić 
page 772  abstract   Full Text PDF

Water Hydrogen Bonds Study by Opto-Magnetic Fingerprint Technique
ĐJ. Koruga, S. Miljković, S. Ribar, L. Matija and D. Kojić 
page 777  abstract   Full Text PDF

Opto-Magnetic Method for Epstein - Barr Virus and Cytomegalovirus Detection in Blood Plasma Samples
M. Papić-Obradović, D. Kojić and A.L. Matija 
page 782  abstract   Full Text PDF

Nanostructured Materials for Optoelectronic Applications
N.V. Kamanina, P.Ya. Vasilyev, S.V. Serov, V.P. Savinov, K.Yu. Bogdanov and D.P. Uskokovic 
page 786  abstract   Full Text PDF

Optical Properties of Plastically Deformed Copper
J. Trajić, R. Rudolf, I. Anžel, M. Romčević, N. Lazarević, M. Mirić, Z. Lazarević, B. Hadžić and N. Romčević 
page 791  abstract   Full Text PDF

Diamond in Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors
M.F. Hribšek and S.S. Ristić and B.M. Radojković 
page 794  abstract   Full Text PDF

Nanostructured Thin Films ß-Al-Mg Obtained Using PLD Technique
A. Radziszewska, S. Kąc and M. Feuerbacher 
page 799  abstract   Full Text PDF

Influence of Ca Content on the Structure and Properties of (Co,Ca)O Thin Films Deposited by PLD Technique
L. Cieniek and S. Kac 
page 803  abstract   Full Text PDF

Surface Modifications of a Ti6Al4V Alloy by a Laser Shock Processing
M. Rozmus-Górnikowska 
page 808  abstract   Full Text PDF

Gamma Radiation Absorption Characteristics of Concrete with Components of Different Type Materials
S.J. Stanković, R.D. Ilić, K. Janković, D. Bojović and B. Lončar 
page 812  abstract   Full Text PDF

Relaxation in Metallic Glass Ni36.5Zr63.5
S. Sulejmanović, T. Mihać, S. Bikić and N. Bajrović 
page 817  abstract   Full Text PDF

Measurement of Complex Permeability Using Short Coaxial Line Reflection Method
V. Radonić, N. Blaž and Lj. Živanov 
page 820  abstract   Full Text PDF

Powder Metallurgy Manufacturing of Carbon-Free Precipitation Hardened High Speed Steels
H. Danninger, Ch. Harold, Ch. Gierl, H. Ponemayr, M. Daxelmueller, F. Simancik and K. Izdinsky 
page 825  abstract   Full Text PDF

Gd2O3:Eu3+/PMMA Composite: Thermal and Luminescence Properties
Ž. Antić, R. Krsmanović, M. Marinović-Cincović and M.D. Dramićanin 
page 831  abstract   Full Text PDF

Electrochemical Behaviour of V2O5 Xerogel and V2O5 Xerogel/C Composite in an Aqueous LiNO3 and Mg(NO3)2 Solutions
I. Stojković, N. Cvjetićanin, S. Marković, M. Mitrić and S. Mentus 
page 837  abstract   Full Text PDF

Hydrogen Release and Microstructure of MgH2 Based Composite Powders Containing a Relevant Amount of LaNi5
N. Abazović, A. Aurora, V. Contini, M.R. Mancini, A. Montone and M. Vittori Antisari 
page 841  abstract   Full Text PDF

Synthesis, Characterization and Adsorptive Properties of Organobentonites
N. Jović-Jovičić, A. Milutinović-Nikolić, P. Banković, B. Dojčinović, B. Nedić, I. Gržetić and D. Jovanović 
page 849  abstract   Full Text PDF

Barrier Properties of Coated and Laminated Polyolefin Films for Food Packaging
V.L. Lazić, J. Budinski-Simendić, J.J. Gvozdenović and B. Simendić 
page 855  abstract   Full Text PDF

Polymer - Bonded Magnetic Materials with Various Nd-Fe-B Filler Content
A.S. Grujić, N.L. Lazić, N.M. Talijan, V. Spasojević, J.T. Stajić-Trošić, V.R. Ćosović and R. Aleksić 
page 859  abstract   Full Text PDF

Influence of ECAP-Back Pressure on the Porosity Distribution
J. Bidulská, T. Kvačkaj, R. Kočiško, R. Bidulský, M. Actis Grande, T. Donič and M. Martikán 
page 864  abstract   Full Text PDF

Antistatic Properties of Nanofilled Coatings
B. Gornicka, M. Mazur, K. Sieradzka, E. Prociow and M. Lapinski 
page 869  abstract   Full Text PDF

Preparation of Carbon-Copper-Silicon Nanocomposite Materials and Coatings Owing to Abrasive-Reactive Wear
F.Kh. Urakaev, T.A. Ketegenov, Y.M. Borzdov, I.V. Savchenko, V.S. Shevchenko, S.V. Stankus, N.F. Uvarov and N.P. Pokhilenko 
page 873  abstract   Full Text PDF

Studying Efficiency of NDE Techniques Applied to Composite Materials in Aerospace Applications
K. Dragan and W. Swiderski 
page 878  abstract   Full Text PDF

The journal is published by the Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physics and has an impact factor of 0.321. The issue was edited by Guest Editors Dragan P. Uskoković and Nebojša Romčević. A brief overview of the conference and the list of the invited speakers were given in the Preface to the issue.

Another 21 papers presented at the YUCOMAT 2009 Conference were published in the International Journal of Modern Physics B (IJMPB).

Selected papers of the YUCOMAT 2010 Conference, to be held in Herceg Novi on September 6–10, 2010, will be published in the International Journal of Modern Physics B (IJMPB). Detailed information is available on the website of the Materials Research Society of Serbia.



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