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May 27, 2008


MRS – Serbia admitted to membership of FEMS


In May 2008, the Materials Research Society of Serbia was officially admitted to membership of the Federation of European Materials Societies.

The Federation of European Materials Societies (FEMS), in French: "Fédération des Associations européennes de Matériaux", a non-profit, non-governmental organisation based in Brussels, Belgium, aims to promote the wide dissemination of scientific, technical and other knowledge relating to materials, to facilitate the communication and exchange of information between its members and to coordinate the activities of member societies in order to make optimum use of resources. It is a federation of non-political and non-profit making societies active in the field of materials, established in member countries of the European Community, the Council of Europe or the European Free Trade Association. At the moment, it has 25 members in 23 countries. FEMS is a member of The International Organisation of the Materials, Metals and Minerals Societies (IOMMMS).

The Materials Research Society of Serbia is the legal successor of the Yugoslav Materials Research Society (Yu-MRS), a non-governmental and non-profit scientific association, founded in 1997 with the aim to promote multidisciplinary goal-oriented research in materials science and engineering. The main task and objective of the Society is to encourage creativity in materials research and engineering and achieve fruitful coordination between achievements in this field in Serbia and related activities in developed countries, which is expected to facilitate participation of Serbian scientists and institutions in global international projects. MRS – Serbia organizes annual YUCOMAT conferences with international participation held in Herceg Novi, Montenegro, every year in September. Following the political separation between Serbia and Montenegro, in 2007 Yu-MRS has been split into two separate organisations: MRS-Serbia (official successor of Yu-MRS) and MRS-Montenegro.

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