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Prof. Dr. Dragan P. Uskoković
Dr Dragan Uskokovic




Peer Reviewed Publications

267. N. L. Ignjatović, L. Mančić, M. Vuković, Z. Stojanović, M. G. Nikolić, S. Škapin, S. Jovanović, Lj. Veselinović, V. Uskoković, S. Lazić, S. Marković, M. M. Lazarević, D. P. Uskoković, Rare-earth (Gd 3+ ,Yb 3+ /Tm 3+ , Eu 3+ ) co-doped hydroxyapatite as magnetic, up-conversion and down-conversion materials for multimodal imaging. Scientific Reports, 9 (2019) 16305,

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255. S. Marković, D. Uskoković, "Tailoring and Processing of Defect Free Barium Titanate Stannate Functionally Graded Ceramics: BTS2.5/BTS5/BTS7/BTS10 FGMs", in: Proceedings of the IV Advanced Ceramics and Applications Conference. Atlantis Press, Paris, 2017, pp. 417–433 (

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